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Name:Jason Conner Lane
Birthdate:Apr 13
Location:Metropolis, New Troy, United States of America
My life changed when I was five years old. That's when my father came home, just before Dad--my first dad, who was with us when I was a baby--just before he moved away.

That's my secret, see. Part of it, anyway. I have two dads. Neither of them are at home with us--Mom'n'me--and Dad I almost never see since he moved away. But I see my father--my other father--at work with Mom all the time.

No one else knows about my father. That he's my father, or what he does when he isn't at the office. Mom knows I have two dads, obviously, but she doesn't see him, not really. I think Dad knows more or less what Mom does too--I may be a kid, but I'm not stupid. I think Dad moved away because my father came home. He felt bad about it--my father, I mean. We don't ever talk about it, so I'm not really sure. But he knows I see him, even if he doesn't know I know he's my dad. I think it makes him happy.

And that's my real secret. My favorite 'uncle' at work, Clark Kent, my mom's co-writer and lately best friend, is actually Superman--my father.

Life's sorta scary that way--but fun, too.

Jason's mother is Lois Lane, the star investigative reporter of the Daily Planet in Metropolis. He's approximately eleven years old, and it's been five or six years since the historic return of Superman to Earth, after a trip to Krypton. Since then, Richard White and Lois Lane ended their engagement, and Lois has dated a little as well--among them Gotham native billionaire Bruce Wayne. Jason, however, has known since about five minutes after meeting the man what no one else seems to see: that Clark Kent is Superman.

It wasn't long before--despite his young age--Jason had worked out the rest. Between Lex Luthor asking Lois directly who his father was, the bets around the newsroom about whether Clark Kent was his father, and the quietly (and sometimes not-so-quietly) emerging superhuman talents, it became obvious, at least to the boy himself. He's inherited Lois' audacity and nose for finding out the truth, with Clark's instincts and generous, loving nature. He also has inherited both parents' talent for trouble, and thinks his unacknowledged, non-blood-related family of superheroes is the most awesome, terrifying, and wonderful family in the world. Plus he has Dad (Richard-Dad, whom he still loves), that new family, Perry, Jimmy--everyone at the Planet. But there's still a little missing.

He wishes every day that his father could come home, that he could stop pretending what he doesn't know--but no one ever talks about his father, and who he is, and he understands some of it. He doesn't know why his father seems to be hiding from Mom as much as anyone else--and firmly believes they should be a proper family. Since Dad--Richard White--left, there's a hole in his life, and he has another father, one he's pretty certain at least likes him, and hopefully loves him. In his eyes, there's no reason they can't be happy again, the three of them.

He just hasn't figured out how to make that happen. But hey, his father's Superman--anything's possible.

Current time: Late August 2012

[Jason is a fictional character from the movie Superman Returns, and as such is the intellectual property of the writers and the studio. The journal is strictly for role-play purposes; no profit is being made.

His universe is a mash-up of universe elements from Superman, Superman 2 (not the Donner cut) and the modern age comics DCU. It is under heavy revision and being constructed; feel free to offer input and ideas to the mun via message.]
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